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Welcome to Say Cheez Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Welcome to Say Cheez Dental: Where State-of-the-Art Expertise Meets Compassionate Care!

At Say Cheez, we are dedicated to crafting a world where every child’s smile radiates confidence and health.

Bid farewell to the dread of “I hate going to the dentist” because, at Say Cheez, we transform the dental experience. Our engaging environment, friendly staff, and innovative approaches make dentistry enjoyable. From interactive games to gentle explanations, we ensure each child feels at ease, fostering a positive attitude towards oral health that lasts a lifetime.

We welcome a wide range of leading dental insurance providers, ensuring our patients receive top-quality care at affordable rates.

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pediatric dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

At Say Cheez, we aim to make dental visits enjoyable for children, transforming apprehension into anticipation. Our pediatric dentists deliver thorough dental care to children aged one to 21.

Our evidence-based approach distinguishes us, but what truly sets us apart is our commitment to educating parents on fostering habits that optimize their child’s oral health.

Prioritizing child health and overall well-being, we customize plans to suit each family’s needs and financial circumstances.

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We understand that a straight, healthy smile goes beyond aesthetics; it impacts your overall well-being. Our specialists are extensively trained to identify and address malocclusions early, thereby altering the course of facial growth.

Whether you are a teenager, child, or adult, we offer a range of orthodontic solutions, including traditional braces, clear aligners, clear braces, retainers and expanders.

Enjoy a warm & inviting atmosphere, where your comfort is our priority. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way.

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Infant and Toddler Program

From identifying and treating tethered oral tissues to providing parents with essential guidance on caring for infants and children with issues related to Tongue-Tie & Lip-Tie, we take immense pride in our Infant and Toddler Program.

Our collaboration extends to pediatricians and lactation consultants, ensuring comprehensive care for children with oral restrictions from birth.

We are dedicated to employing cutting-edge technology and materials while staying current with the latest dental advancements to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation and care.

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Special Needs Dentistry

Our dedication lies in fostering a warm and encouraging atmosphere tailored to accommodate children with special health care requirements. Through personalized care and the integration of calming elements, we prioritize not only the dental needs but also the holistic well-being of our young patients during their visits.

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