Baby Root Canal

Baby root canal is also known as a pulpotomy or nerve treatment of a baby tooth. We don’t clean out the roots of the baby tooth, just the top nerve portion. We need the baby roots to stay natural, so they resorb when the new permanent tooth is ready to come in.

Root Canals for Permanent Teeth

Root Canals, performed by Dr. Navreet Sidhu, are a specialized service aimed at preserving the health of a tooth when the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. Contrary to common misconceptions, root canals for children are gentle procedures designed to relieve pain and save a tooth that might otherwise be lost. Our team prioritize the comfort of your child, ensuring that the root canal process is as stress-free as possible. By addressing dental issues early on at Say Cheez, we aim to safeguard the longevity of your child’s natural teeth and promote a positive attitude towards dental care.

Vital Pulp Therapy for Permanent Teeth

Vital Pulp Therapy is a specialized service offered to preserve the health of permanent teeth in cases of pulp exposure due to injury or decay. This procedure involves the removal of damaged or infected pulp tissue and the application of medicated materials to encourage healing and maintain the vitality of the tooth. Dr. Navreet Sidhu and our experienced team provide precise and compassionate care, ensuring that your child’s permanent teeth receive the best possible treatment for long-term oral health.