Meet Us

Welcome to Say Cheez Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, where smiles begin their lifelong journey! We take immense pride in being your trusted partners in pediatric dental and orthodontic care. Led by our dedicated team of experts, Dr. Navrett Sidhu, a renowned Pediatric Dentist, and Dr. Manrett Jassar, a skilled Orthodontist, our practice is committed to creating a positive and comfortable experience for your little ones.

At Say Cheez, we understand the unique needs of children and adolescents, and our mission is to foster a welcoming environment that promotes oral health and confidence. Dr. Sidhu’s passion for pediatric dentistry goes beyond routine check-ups; she strives to make every visit an enjoyable adventure, ensuring that children develop a positive attitude towards dental care from an early age.

Complementing our pediatric dental services, Dr. Jassar brings expertise in orthodontics to Say Cheez. With a focus on creating beautiful smiles, he employs the latest advancements in orthodontic treatments to address misalignments and enhance the overall oral health of our patients.

Our commitment extends beyond clinical excellence. We believe in building lasting relationships with our young patients and their families. Say Cheez Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is not just a practice; it’s a place where smiles are crafted, confidence is nurtured, and dental well-being is prioritized.

Explore our website to learn more about the comprehensive services we offer and get to know our dedicated team. Thank you for considering Say Cheez Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics as your partners in ensuring a lifetime of healthy, radiant smiles for your children.